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Covid Safety And Care

Dear Patient,

We hope you and your family are in good health. Our community has been through a lot and all of us are looking forward to getting back to normal. With that said, our dental office is cleared by the Contra Costa Dept of Health to see patients and provide all dental treatments including cleanings. So please call (925) 671-7477 if you are ready to take care of any oral health issues you may be experiencing, especially emergencies.

During COVID, we remain committed to your safety. Infection control has always been our top priority and our processes ensure that when you receive care, it is both safe and comfortable. Our office adheres to infection control standards made by the American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We monitor their guidelines to make sure that our infection control procedures adhere to each agency’s recommendations. You will notice that we employ various procedures to keep you safe:

  1. Our office will call you beforehand to ask screening questions. You will be asked those same questions again when you are in the office.
  2. Your body temperature will be assessed from a touchless, digital forehead thermo-meter.
  3. We have hand sanitizers for use when you enter the office.
  4. There will only be one or two patients at a time within the office. However, a family member with whom you have been in quarantine may accompany you if necessary.
  5. Once you arrive for your appointment, you will call our office number (925) 671-7477 and wait in your car until we notify you that it is appropriate to enter the office.
  6. Upon entrance, you will be asked to wash your hands and swish with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash before your treatment.
  7. We have put several hospital-grade HEPA filter air purifiers throughout the office.
  8. Appointment scheduling will be managed to accommodate social distancing between patients. This allows for greater time between patients to reduce waiting times for you.

More specific instructions and guidelines will be provided prior to your appointment with us. We just wanted to let you know that during this period we have continued working on emergency patients and preparing to provide the highest level of dental care to which our patients are accustomed.

We look forward to seeing you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. See you soon.


Mt. Diablo Family Dentists

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